My maps crash while saving or playing!

Hello to everyone! I’ve been working in a project during the previous weeks, but yesterday it happened something that doesn’t allow me to continue working! It is created 1 Menu map and 2 levels, and as soon as I press “Save” or “Play” it crashes. No matter if I’ve done a change in the map or not (except in Blueprints, where I can save them without any issue). This means that nothing will be saved cause just before this, it crashes.

Can anybody help me? It’s a real project and I need to solve this in order to keep working on it! Thank you very much.

It would be nice if you post some logs with stack trace.

Besides read this:

Hi Christian Torralbo,

If you are still experiencing this error, please post here with the information Pierdek requested so we can take a look. Thank you.

Sorry for not answering lately! I finally got why it was crashing all the time. It was because of the Event dispatcher I had between a blueprint and the level. Ive read that it may be something related to version 4.6.

Anyway, what I did was to recover a previous backup of my level when the event dispatcher wasn’t still installed on my blueprints, and redo it again. It was weird because I couldn’t delete the Event dispatcher, it still was crashing all the time.

Thank you for your attention, it was the first time i posted on UE4 Answerhub. I will do it better the next time.

Hi Christian Torralbo,

I’m happy to hear you found the cause of your crashes. It does seem that event dispatcher have received several updates post 4.6 that may fix the error in question. For now, I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes, if the crashes persist, please comment back with a callstack and crashlog. Thank you!