My Map(Level) File Disappeared i didn't move nor did i touch it in anyway. i even saved it before closing out the project this morning

This is the second time this happens to me and its starting to get annoying i told myself you should save it into another project just in case just like the oringnal once but thats what i get for being stuburn… i shouldnt have to make three or 7 projects to keep by data from being lost. 7 months work and also character building lost in a map is heart on a tin line leaving unreal engine and going to unity or another engine. i really love this engine but to under stand my feeling about it. ill use Epics quote “when you really love somthing you should set it free”.

Have you checked for any hardware/ disk Problems? Also, Was the save file in an external disk?

I had and i am still having the same problem . If its you map file . Try opening it in another project . If it works that means its not corrupt . Then Copy it to your desktop and delete it from your content folder . And close the editor And Rerun it . after that Close it again and Copy your map File back to your Content Folder but in a different folder . This Worked for me :slight_smile: . Anyways . Always keep a backup of your project