My Mac UE4.9.2 editor never works on the 1st run. I always require a 2nd run. How do I fix this?

My Unreal Engine Editor ALWAYS requires two runs with UE 4.9.2.

When I launch the editor from the launcher the 1st time after a fresh Mac boot, it won’t work, it will load, and nothing will appear after the loading. It will only work after quitting, and launching the editor a 2nd time.

Already verified my editor. Same issue.

Im using a Mac, ElCapitan, UE 4.9.2.

This is not sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. I always experience this when my mac has come from a fresh boot.

This never happened to me when I was using 4.8 and below.

Hope it can get resolved with the new update.

Thank you.