My List Of Suggestions.

First and foremost.
Gotta give us the option where to store the project folders.
My c: drive is meant only as a bare essential drive only. I run a 12 tarabyte system with 6 drives. I need to be able to store it in a designated drive.
Please make this option selectable PRE-install option.

As I explained the painful process of exporting the obj files from the old UDK and converting it to FBX via maya in another thread.
PLEASE, make an option in the UDK3 to export FBX w/texture option for UDK4.

Please make a direct PSD network capability. It would be awesome to work with surfaces directly in UDK and PS CS6.

You can change the Project Folders location when you create the project :wink:

Why dont you just export it as a .fbx and then the textures separately -> so you dont have to import it into Maya before you put it into the UE4

I can’t seem to be able to chance folder for premade content downloaded from the marketplace :frowning: Those go to c: for me…

Exactly what Im saying. It doesnt allow you the control at certain points