My level blueprint stops working at some point...?!!

Hello all, I got a problem or maybe I m doing something wrong. Need help.
After the game is cooked and I m playing on windows. Some function works fine and simple stops working after some time or maybe by any event that I m missing. When I play on the editor everything goes fine on the gameplay.

Is important to say that is only in my “level blueprint” that this is happening, the main function that stops working or even didn’t start properly sometimes with the “BeginPlay” line is on the images…

Thanks in advance for the help!

(on the green circle is coming from <BeginPlay>)

Can anyone help?

Not entirely sure what is/is not working in your BP, but could it be that you’re clearing your timer by mistake? A cleared timer won’t run, not even for the very next iteration.

I will also admit that regardless of the language barrier I don’t understand what it is that your looping function is meant to do. It’s clear that you want to keep checking until there are at least 2 of some actor in the level and then proceed with some offscreen functionality, but I’m totally unsure of why you’d need to trace if that’s the case. You don’t even need the trace for that. ‘WorldContextObject’ is not the class that ‘Get All Actors Of Class’ would search for, but is instead used to get the current world. If you want to see if there are 2 instances of whatever actor type you hit (The trace hit a target point and you want to check if there are two target point actors) , you can ‘get class’ from an actor; it’d look like this.

Thanks for try to help me! For my gameplay I need to check If there is 2 instances of an object in the right place(placed by player), after this a matinee happens and calls that event to stop the search “clear time by handle” on that area. But just if the player put the 02 objects inside that particular area…

Its work fine on the editor with no errors. But after cooking the game and playing on windows this and other functions became unstable and work on the begin of the gameplay but stop working at some point… if I exit and start the game again they will work again to stop work later… ; The codes that I show and for example a simple “ESC” editor functions that’s work for pause and close all widgets in the game… stop working for no reason too…for example, the code above is one that stop working at some point in the game…