My last Project On Unreal Engine

Hi all,

This is my last project make it on Unreal Engine.

Thanks for coments and enjoy it!

It’s the “Farnsworth House” :slight_smile:

I saw a few mistakes and missing assets :slight_smile: You should use the grass for exterior and trees for background. Not plane :stuck_out_tongue: At the same time there is a light bleeding between floor and wall on 03:02… Except those, it’s a cool project! :slight_smile:

Thanks KaanOztuzun!
I use some gras and some Trees from Kitedemo, and for this quality i need 64Gb RAM, this is a High quality light, not production.
Yes some bleeding between floor, but i couldn’t take it out! i don’t know why!
Thanks for your coments!!

Some Pictures from my project!

Thanks for coments