My language to Blueprint

Hello, guys.

Could I ask one question? How could I automatisation writing/creating blueprints? Let me explain for I mean. For example, If I write:

class MyNewClassBP:

def Event_BeginPlay:


This part of text (python style) will convert it to this (see link below). If BP class isn’t persist then create it in auto way. If I change my python text then overwrite BP.

How could I do it myself? I know about project but I would like more readable way to quick view/edit BP. It will solve for me the problems of merge BP from different branches (CVS) and quick view/edit BP from text file (not from visual tool) because editing graphical blocks are harder than edit a text file.

Yes, I could use C++ but very long time recompiling - this is do my job very slowly.

BP very powerful tool but has problem with quick editing/merging. May be you could suggest where I should searching for creating BP automatically (from text file to BP) running some program/script? And I could write syntactical analyzer for myself. I need just a tool which will automatically creating BP but my command.

May be could you suggest how could I solve it?

Thank you!