My landscape going invisible when i hit play..

Im new to UE4 and… with bad english…sorry

so problem is my landscape going hidden or invisible when i hit play. working with UE4_4.23.1.
any idea why is this happening? Please help guys!

Here is a link to a possible solution:

Before you do anything export the heightfiled just in case!

You don’t want to loose whatever you had, and importing the heightfiled can being you back almost fully even when creating from scratch.

I would first create a copy of the level, then delete the landscape and re-create it.

If you do have to recreate from scratch, you can save yourself the pain of painting by re-applying the same layer data. You just have to select and apply it manually.

Foliage can be moved with the world composition tool. Make a persistent level, load the 2 levels, select the foliage, right click the new level and select the appropriate option.

Hope you won’t need to do any of that, but if you do…

thanks guys…