My Landscape/Enviroment wip (heavenly inspired by The Witcher 3 demo videos)

Ah cool that’s what I thought you meant I just wasn’t sure- where does the material go from there, blended with your diffuse?

No, it goes directly (after the switch) in Base Color. The detail textures are pluged in the lerp and switch.

Made some quick big shapes to get a better sense for scale. I set myself to an enormus project. I know, doing the hole thing is nearly impossible for one person. Because of this i will focus on a smaller area first. Like the following.

Critique and questions always welcome.

Do you have a top view of the map where you can see the settlements and road routes?

If I was you I would mimic a real remote area because everything has to make sense.

You can extract heightmaps from Google Earth of a small area and work from that, Satellite view will help you get the foliage and color variation right.

Swiss Alps and Austria in general have plenty of amazing places to use.

Hey, thanks for the tip. Haven’t tryed to export from google earth yet. Using a real top down view should be a big, big help. Sometime i use a proc called microdem, in wich you can open and convert DEM’s.

After some work in ue4 i reimported my terrain to worldmaschine to add some things to it and generat new erosions. Extracted some maps with different color overlay seetings. Blended them and use them in ue4 as color information for detailtextures.

Anyone get a foliage tint running based on layers? Tryed it but for me it works only with a big top down texture from my landscape. Would be cool if i could link it to painting layers.

Anyway. Here is the new heightmap. what do you think?


new heightmap is awesome. wish i could get my textures to blend so nicely… back to the material editor i go :stuck_out_tongue: awesome work on the terrain

Like the last image :slight_smile:

Glad you like this starting point. Think as next i export some big mountain meshes from worldmaschine for a better vista.

@S3Scrappy You are not the only one which like like the blending so i have done an other thread with my basic material notes. Maybee it is a help for you too :slight_smile:

Made new vista mountains. I’m not sure with the lightning because my screens aren’t good calibrated :(. Otherwise it is not so importend atm. What do you think?



Made new grass wich fits and blends lot better with my textures. Added some roughness masks (snow spec) for the vista mountains and changed the day time a bit.

Very very neat! And this grass is placed depending on the layer as well correct?

This is coming along really nicely maik2m, I really like your world machine landscape and the atmospheric effects, it looks like a suitably vast area with that blue haze applied to the distant mountains.

This scene is starting to look great. Keep up the great work maik2m! I am very excited to see how this project turns out.

Thank you for your kind words.

Yes, the grass paints on grass layer only.

I totally agree with this. Austrian landscapes .

Not much to show since my last post. Worked on my terrain material a lot, tryed to add height blending instead of a normal map for blending betwen layers but dont get it to work nicely. Since all my layers are slope based the material grows fast and i simply cant oversee it with my little knowlege of shaders.

And i made a little foliage test with some old 3dmotive tutorial trees and bushes. They are quite lowpoly but mit fps drops from 80 to 30 in imersive mode. Hope there is some love for foliage in 4.6.
Foliage Material is super simple. Only thing i did to get rid of the dark backfaces is to plug the texture divided by 10 in the emissive too. Normals are tangend space.

That looks awesome, subscribing to this thread, wish to see more updates!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Experimenting a lot with dynamic gi and lpv. Looks not bad but performance could be beter. I want but dont think i can do a big, detailed forrest with this foliage shading right now. There are two lightsources in this scene, a directional and a skylight.
For grass in closerange i use a mix of geometrically and twosided plane blades and for distance only one sided patches.

Two more screens


This is looking fantastic. For your grass, are you using the foliage tool, or doing it some other way? Again, looks great!

Glad you like it.

Yes, the grass is painted with the foliage tool set to layer grass.