my kite demo download crashed :(

omg imagine my luck, today we had a power out right st 98% completition of the nearly 23gb kite there any possible way to resume this at all or is anybody willing to upload just the .uproject file from the demo so i could atleast try and launch it??? thank you

I have lost connection a few times during a download and when I click on download again it just resumes from where it left off, have you tried clicking the button again?

hahaha ofcourse i have it just says, not enough space left to download as i have 39gb exactly before i started downloading and now i have 17gb. so i cannot start downlaoding tho i feel if i did have the exact 22gb it would still not start, tho ile give it a try anyway.

okay making more space then trying to resume worked, tho i think that needs to be fixed, because at first u only need 22gb to start download tho if download get interupted you need once again 22gb to continue while i was at the end of my download so i was almost 22gb less on my HDD. tho im just glad it worked, thank you u sexy man.