My key event in level blue pr is not firing up after the first time

What I am hoping to achieve is when user presses on button, an actor (in FloatingAudio class) will spawned at target point and at the same time, audiocapture starts recording. And when button is released, audiocapture stops recording and the actor will start hovering (determined by whether boolean ‘it is in’ is true or false).

I am having troubles spawning the actor a second time, even though the set-up works on the first try. On the second try, the second audio recording will take place, but my 2nd instance doesn’t appear.

This is my level blueprint.

And this is my actor blueprint.

Let me know if you need any more addition information! Would really appreciate any help I can get :slight_smile:

Isn’t it just appearing on top of the first one?

Every key just responds to 1 actor in default but you can change it.
Click on your key event and go to “Details” and remove the tick from “Consume Input”


My key event in level blue pr is not
firing up after the first time

Seems to be a classic Input Consumption issue:

  • when there’s no actor, the LMB is handled by the Level Blueprint
  • once the actor is spawned, it consumes LMB from now on
  • the Level Blueprint no longer receives those calls

If you absolutely must handle things this way, select the Left Mouse Button node in the actor and untick Consume Input.

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*the actor: I have added a sphere component

Nope, considering that the first instance would have already moved away. But i say this assuming that the 2nd instance has a life on its own right… the first instance could be hovering and floating around the space, but when i call for the 2nd instance, it will still spawn at the target point, no?

My goodness this works! Really appreciate it, thank you!

Thank you for explaining this to me. It worked, thank you!