My Journey Into Game Developing

About Me:
I’m Crose a high school student looking into getting into game development. I’m near graduating and want to get a hand on programming and all other aspects of game development. Right now i’m pretty much a beginner but have been doing a lot of research over the past year and have been waiting for the right time to begin. Now is the time. :cool: I know I need to start walking before running which is why I posted this thread. Hopefully other beginners will look at this in the future and maybe it will help them. I thought about just using blueprints but that wont help ME in the long run so I’ve decided to avoid those for now.

My Plan:
As I only know the basics of C++ (eg: all terms (bool,int,loops,strings…) and how to use them) 's what I’ll will be doing in list format.

  1. Get down the basics man! Create the most simple game, and FINISH IT. DONE
  2. Putting both feet in the water… Add a more complex objective to game.
  3. Get a little deeper. Add some basic art, and interactivity.(oh dear)
  4. We will see

My Progress:
I will post all my progress that way i get feedback and maybe some motivation! :smiley: Hope to be back soon!

PS: I hope this is in the right section.

you are gonna show content sooner or later but i guess it would be better of in WIP if you got anything to show. Love to see how you get along!

Update!! I have my first “Game” very simple but I made 2…
I learned allot from coding just 2 simple games and I feel better after each one, so next week i hope to move to the engine and get some functionality going there. You can play my games on my website…
I got a domain but have to put it in.

Howdy Crose,

Glad to hear that you taking the first steps into Game development! Best of luck to you on your journey.

I am going to move this thread into the Works in Progress section for the time being. I feel as though this thread is meant to record your quest for game development and this section of the forums is meant for tutorials and tools that could help other with their projects.

Thanks and have a great day!

I suggest adding screenshots!

Nice site btw.

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