My Item is not crafteble

Ive made a mod and i added a item witch can be crafted in a mortar en pestle it say so in the engram thingy but when i go in the mortar en pestle i doesn’t show up what can i do?

Did you create an Engram entry file, a PrimalItem file and a structure file for your item? You need to add the engram entry to the additional engrams array in your PrimalGameData_BP. Also you need to add the PrimalItem file to the additional structure components array in the PrimalGameData. For the class of your pestle (the structure file). Add your PrimalItem file here. The EngramEntry file referes your PrimalItem file and your PrimalItem file referes your Structure file. Finally ingame you need to craft a new pestle and learn the engram to see the blueprint in the pestle.

, did following ordens steps help you out?

I need a new structure file? Or is it possible to use the “basic” one?!

I added my EngramEntry to Additional Engram Blueprint Classes and my PrimalItem to Additional Structure Engrams (class: StorageBox_Fabricator) - is that all or i need to add it on an other location? Is that right? Do i need to add it to the MasterItem List?