My Interior Light Setup Settings and Example

Hi everyone,

I made an interior scene with a reference from youtube (ue4 arch lake house project). And I wanna ask you what is my main problem about lighting? Because reference image is much clear and much brighter than mine.



Any answer? :smiley:

Are you using HDRI in skylight btw?

Yes I use HDRI and my settings are same with the link below;

But my rendering is not the same its not bright. I made a mistake on somewhere but i couldnt find where…

ehmm… which the bed lightmap resolution is?

in the material settings did you get the correct node for normal map?

all lightmap resolutions are 1024. I think it’s not about lightmapping resolution. I think the main problem about exposure and brightness of all scene…

Also i think the main problem about clearity and sharpness. Do you know how to make sharpen effect in ue4? My this question also for all ue4 develeopers :slight_smile:

If you want to just make it brighter, you can play with the exposure settings in your post process volume. Try to up the Exposure Bias setting in the Auto exposure dropdown menu.
As for the sharpness, it looks like you have some grain which makes it look a bit blurry. Try to turn it down in the Scene color menu of your post process volume.

In the reference image the sunlight comes in through the right window and shines on most of the bed’s top. Or maybe the 2 standing lights are meant to be turned on. There seems to be some additional light in the reference scene somehow. Try to adjust the sunlight angle maybe? Or maybe there are some directional lights shining through each window? Notice the bright light under the window on the left. There is no natural reason I can see for light to be there.

I agree with you about some additional lights seems to be in that reference scene…

Id lile to have the curtain shader. :

Thats nice,

Try to lift up your lightmass Setting to get better Result.