My inputs are constantly active?

I created a new project from the top down template and changed the mouse click controls to the normal WASD controls, I put them in CharacterBlueprint instead of ControllerBlueprint, but they’re constantly active even without pushing anything, what might be causing this?

That’s what an Axis does. Every frame it will return the scalar value of the axis, even if it’s zero. It shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve just never seen it stay active unless the key was being pressed. This wont lead to frame rate issues in the future?

Other inputs like keypresses or ‘actions’ only trigger when something is pressed, but an ‘axis’ isn’t based on a press or any actual input. It instead simply gets the current position of the joystick/analog stick/whatever.

It’s not a performance issue, no. You can see the same thing happening in the default character blueprints.