my incredibly long and extremely frustrating android setup

Just in case other people (or myself in the future) have trouble getting android development functional in UE, here’s are the steps I have had to take so far just to get UnReal to recognise my android device.

  1. Seeing as I already some portions of SDK’s & NDK’s etc already installed, I started by uninstalling EVERYTHING - Java, ANdroid SDK & NDK, Visual Studio, Codeworks, Tegra. The only thing I didn’t uninstall was UE and the Epic Launcher.
  2. Restart PC
  3. Download and install VS 2015 from…15.html#topic2 (according to some sources you can use v2017 and v2019 but I thought I’d stick with 2015 for now until I got an end result that is functional)
  4. Restart PC
  5. Run c:\NVPack\chooser.exe. Select the “Standard” option at the top and click ‘next’ at the bottom. Allow to complete various installations. You will have to accept various licenses as part of the process.
  6. If you have trouble installing NSight Tegra then go to Go to Download Center | NVIDIA Developer and download the stand-alone Nsight Tegra Visual Studio Edition (v3.6 is the most recent but Codeworks for Android requests v 3.5. I used v3.6) AND install.
  7. Restart PC
  8. Go back to chooser.exe.Select" standard but manually unselect the tegra option. Complete the remainder of the required installations.
  9. Open UE and go to “Edit - Project Settings” then “Android” and accept the SDK license again. If UnReal doesn’t grey out the SDK License button, then go to c:\NVPack\android-sdk-windows emp oolpackage.old01\android.bat and install the following:-
    Android Tools
    Android SDK Platform Tools
    Android BUild Tools(whichever you require)
    Android API (whichever you require)
    Extras - android support repository
  • Google Play Services
  • Google USB driver
  1. If you didn’t already, make sure you download and install the USB drivers for your android device.
  2. Activate “Developer Mode” and then “USB Debugging” on your android device
  3. Download and install adb drivers from…php?t=2588979

All of the above has only sufficed to get UE to recognise my android device. I am still having issues packaging and launching on my device. I hope to return here to add more detail on the troubleshooting undertaken in that regard.

EDIT - also just check that UE is pointing to the correct SDK, NDK and Java folders. You can check this in “Edit - Project Settings - Platforms - Android”

After a “failed with arguments” error, I raised the minimum APK level from 19 up to 24 and LO AND BEHOLD I FINALLY HAVE A SUCCESSFUL INSTALLATION ON MY DEVICE!!! After MONTHS of working on this problem I finally have an output to my device.