My "I'm new here/is it good if I move from unity now" post


First of all, this is a classic introduction “hi I’m new here” and the question that close to everyone’s asked at some point (shall I transition from unity to unreal?), so having that said, that was the TLDR version of my post haha. (Btw, sorry if this is in the wrong section, if mods think need to move, please do so)

My name is Gabriel, I am currently studying computer science (gonna start 2nd year), as I’ve always wanted to make games, even if it’s as a hobby, I decided to start learning unity which is somehow the most popular entry game engine for aspiring game devs/indies.

I learned a bit of C# for that, but only did small things in 2d (with basic paint polygons and pictures of famous people haha), as my next step in learning, I was starting to learn 3D design along with a bit of blender to make very basic assets.

So right now I have summer break, I even have a small project I want to start working on in unity during these days (something like an ultra basic rogue-like with low poly assets, one man everything haha), but, since last semester we did some extremely complex C programming on university, and as I’ll keep using C/C++, I started thinking if It would be a good idea to transition at this stage to Unreal (where I am starting to learn 3D game design).

I’ve always wanted to use Unreal, but unity at first was easier for me to understand that I very got used to it, but I like more working on C/C++

So well, any advice from the more experienced users would be much appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community Gabe :smiley:

I’m sure you’re aware of the Blueprint Visual Scripting system in UE4. I know that you’ve been doing coding, but you will be using Blueprints for things here and there, so don’t shy to start messing around with them. Feel free to ask any questions you’d like here on the forums, we don’t bite. Enjoy yourself with the engine :slight_smile:

I found Unreal easier to get into - unless you want to go the C++ route (though I prefer C++). Unity does not yet have a built-in visual scripting system (this could change soon though if you take a look at the roadmap - and they have some systems that you can buy on the asset store). Also, Unity seems to get more expensive (pro version). Frankly, unless you care about all of the platforms it supports, or really love C# - I don’t see why you would pick it over Unreal. It may seem complex at first, but flexibility will always come with a degree of complexity. I’ve been switching between the two myself for the past 2 years as Unity has some great tutorials (fun projects), but the Unreal marketplace and courses for Unreal have really matured at this point, so I won’t be going back

Yeah you will be using blueprints here and there. Now that Unity pro has gone up in price, I think more people will be asking this question and thinking about the move over to Unreal. People are fixated on the 5% royalty - but they don’t think about the fact that, well, you have to build a game first.

If you prefer C++ and expect to continue using it in other areas, you should definitely at least try UE4!

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