My ideas for my fighting game I'm creating, I'd appreciate any help

Hello everyone! I’m hard at work on a fighting game I’m creating.

I hope it’s ok that I ask this question here. If not please let me know and which forum would be best.

I would love to get some inspiration for two of my characters that I’m adding to my game.

If anyone would like an idea of the game, it’s set in the near future and it has a very cyberpunk/sci fi/fantasy themed style with some horror themes mixed in.

So far I have a cast of a cyborg, robot, hulking monster, snake, gunslinger, vampire, werewolf, doctor, nurse, sea creature, assassin girl, chainsaw killer, telekinetic ghost girl, Tibetan warrior monk, scarecrow, alien, female soldier with cyber dog, nun with good & evil powers, flagellant with chain & whip, yeti, ogre, mummy, scientist…

What I would like help on is adding is I’m missing a male and female protagonist, since it’s ok to have at least one or two main protagonists in a fighting game. I want something similar to heroes like Ryu from SF but different. Not the same kind of Ryu archetype we see all the time but something similar. Both male and female protagonists would be antiheroes.

Try searching Pinterest or Art Station for inspiration.

Pinterest/Flickr is where most people look for since you can get even better ideas.

Your Prefab Character List is Great. Lots of diverse characters. You can probably get away with putting those awesome Paragon Characters to use. Call it The Terragon…lol.


Have you considered Fighter customization?

I’ve been looking for a Fantasy Fighter where Players can create their own Combat Configurations with massive customization options for:

  • Appearance
  • Combat stats
  • Maneuvers Styles - attack/guard/throw/special/power/taunts
  • Input controls and combinations for activation
  • Weapons
  • Particle effects
  • Sound FX
  • Vocals

Players could possibly trade or even sell their Combat Configurations. It would be an amalgamation of Fighter Maker, Mortal Kombat, SoulCalibur,other various Fighter Games. Perhaps even the Be all of all Fighters games.

In addition to the massive customization, I want to be able to change perspectives on-demand from: Top/Side/ThirdPerson, and FirstPerson. Maybe even slap on a Carton Shader Switch to flip between Cartoonic, Stylize, and Photorealism.

As soon as we publish ExORION, I’m going to start developing such a Fighter Game myself, if one never kicks its way into existence by then.

Good Luck to You in your Game.

How about Ryu… with a scar! Seriously though, that is an awesome cast list you gave. Are you specifically asking for visual inspiration, or character inspiration? If the latter, I don’t see why ‘Assassin Girl’ and ‘[Evil] Scientist’ can’t be the anti-heroes?

The two protagonists could be siblings like the two in that British assassins creed game, that way playing one won’t be too different from the other (unless that’s your goal)