My Hud Is not updating with default values


My Computer is acting wired so if this question show up more then once I am sorry,

I am trying to set a time attack feature for my game, I am following the video provided and get to the part where you set up the save system for default times, I can’t get my HUD to show those. not sure what I am not doing because I followed the video to the T except my laps are 1 instead of 3.

Thanks for feedback.

Update on time attack. I have found the issue. in the time attack video 6 at time 8:43. It says to crate a new var type of var Save game. When I get this and cast to my Save game obj with the saved four Ints. It makes my lap seconds on my HUD read as 0 : 0 0. When I delete that. it displays 0 ; 45 again. but does not update when i have a new lap time.