My html5 game doesn't connect to internet

Hi! I have a problem with my html5 game. I’ve packaged it with ue4 and it works well offline but my game needs to connect to internet for saving names in an online leaderboard and it doesn’t work this. It can’t connect to internet. I don’t know if I have to edit something or i’m doing something wrong. I would appreciate your help. Thank you!:wink:

Is your game and leader board hosted on the same server?

No, I use epicleaderboard plugin for ue4. My game is hosted on and it tries to connect to the leaderboards through epicleaderboard plugin. Thanks for answering:)

what can i do if my game server and leaderboard server are different?

You’ll need to be more specific. The game will connect to the leaderboard from the same host as you opened the game on so if you have an internet connection, the game does too. Have you tried opening the inspector to see if any of the outgoing calls fail. Could be related to same-origin policy as Mosel3y suggests, but also note that if you’re game is hosted on https, it is not allowed to connect to another host over http. There’s a million other things that can go wrong, so check the inspector.

Ok, I’ll check the inspector. I’m not a profesional developer and I don’t know if I’ll be able to solve it but thank you very much for all your answers:)

Okay. Maybe the connection is insecure and speed is very slow.