My Heightmap is not working correctly.

So I have this Hightmap its a gray scale and a 16 bit and when I import it into the Landscape I get no warning but when it’s been created it looks like this!!!

This is getting a bit frustrating. I have even tried different Heightmaps and they all turn out to look like this!

Image of my Hightmap: HMquest02.jpg

It was a ps.raw but UE4 forums won’t allow raw so its been changed to a png.
Even when I mess with some options, it still looks like this. Also the grid that is displayed before it is created doesn’t look like what it is suppose to!

Please help!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Please read some documentation by yourself, it will help you alot later on :slight_smile:
You are importing a 2048x2048 heightmap, so you also have to properly create the landscape with according sizes (in the “import” section)
… and not to forget the z-scale to adjust the height of mountains :slight_smile:

I know its a pain and i know it takes some minutes of trial and error, but between all messed up results you will find exactly what you aimed for!

I have read the documentation.

And I did import it on a 2048x2048.

I also tried scaling and still doesn’t work.

It’s weird that it’s acting like this.

Yeah im in the same boat, ive read the documentation, and played around with it, still cant get it to stop spiking.

I had to find a different Heightmap for it to finally work, not only that I had to do some scaling as well. Wish we could have a patch to make it easier. Anyways got it working thanks for your time! :slight_smile: