My Graphic Settings Menu doesnt remember the graphic level (in printing only)

Hello, I made a Pause Menu with a Settings Button which works out great but now i came to a point where i cant find the resolution. I made 4 Graphics Options (Arrays) + 1 Index each which has a value of 0-4 (The Place in the Array). Anyways it works all fine and prints it our very perfect, but as soon as i press go back and go back to the settings the Printing is at the Default Value again.

For a better understanding i made this little video which gives you a better view of my Problem.
Also (as you can see in the video) its very buggy when i want to move around in the blueprint editor (with right click), so if you got a solution for that it would be very nice.

Feel free to tell me when you need to know some more things about my program :slight_smile:

Video: My Problem - YouTube