My Get Player Character node is missing


I am a novice and I have some issue with Get Player Character Node. I can’t find it. I was wondering If I have to download it but I did not find some download links.

Can u guys help with this little problem?

The photo of not finding Get Player Character Node

First off, you can’t always type exactly what you might expect into that box. So try parts of the phrase. Just ‘player char’, stuff like that.

The other thing is, it really depends on where you’re calling that menu from. Many places would be ok, but not all nodes are available in all places. What BP are you in ( what type )?

Well, I follow a youtube tutorial where I should make my first FPS game, I tried to type only player character, player, character… stuff like this but never found what I was looking for.
I was following the tutorial step by step and I already checked if I made mistake somewhere, but no. I did everything correct.

Ok, but where are you when you type that. In the character, in another BP, in a material? …

What blueprint are you trying to get character from? The only reason you wouldn’t be able to find that node is generally if you’re trying to call it in a blueprint where it has no use.

Hey SpongiOfficial,

Just a quick sanity check. I know that you are following a tutorial but are you pulling off of a pin and dropping before searching? If so, try just right clicking an open part of the graph before searching. Pulling off of a pin before searching will also narrow down what nodes will appear.

Here is an example of what I think you may be doing wrong. See how the execution pin has been dragged out? Is this what you are doing?

I second this issue. I believe I am following the same tutorial, found here: (skip to 6:10)

It may be the version difference of UE4 that is causing the issue, but I don’t know for sure. In the tutorial we are using an AI MoveTo node and utilizing the Target Actor and once that is moved, there is a node menu that opens up and there is supposed to be the Get Player Character function, but it, along with Get Controlled Pawn are not showing up as they are in the tutorial. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!

uncheck context sensitive for most. is it a new project? C++ or a template from the launcher?

I am watching the same tutorial some people mentioned here. Could anybody try creating the Blueprint the guy on the video creates at this part of the video and see if the “Get Player Character” node shows up there? The video is more than a year old, so I’d assume the node is gone for that reason on the current version of UE, idk…

Are you calling it in Construction? it won’t show up there. Try an actor BP it does come up there even on the 4.24 version. Try searching for it in a function. I managed to get it in a function or event graph.

Hey…I thought i was having the same issue, but I think that my problem at least is that my Unreal 4 shows some content in english and some in spanish. In my case, Get Player Character is showing as “Obtener carácter del reproductor”. This is what I think cause I used that one and it is working so far…