My Geometry Data from a Widget


i have made a widget and drawn it at the position 0,0.

Now i have read out the “my geomtry” data each tick and used the “local to absolute” node.

This is the result:

It should be 0,0, but this is the result.

It seems that the geometry data comes from the resolution of my monitor and not from the viewport.

What do i have to do so that the upper left corner of the viewport is 0,0?

Thanks in advance.

void USlateBlueprintLibrary::LocalToViewport(UObject* WorldContextObject, const FGeometry& Geometry, FVector2D LocalCoordinate, FVector2D& PixelPosition, FVector2D& ViewportPosition)

in case of you, use PixelPosition instead of ViewportPosition. as you saw, the ViewportPosition indicates the position in your monitor. it means, ViewportPosition can differ depending on where the game window is located. the other hand, PixelPosition indicates the position in the game window.