My game's light does not work unless with shader model 5 or 4

Hello, i have a problem. I am trying to use the rendering which using the opengles 3.1 or 2. My game’s directional light is working fine but all other lights source such as spot light doesn’t work. I created a flashlight in my character blueprint which will shoots light using the spot light. It’s working fine in shader model 5 or 4 but when i change it to opengles 3.1 or 2 which is for android, it doesnt work. Actually, my map doesn’t use directional light at all. I want it dark as possible. I tried use them both but the light from the spot light still does not work. Hope you can help :slight_smile:

If I am not mistaken you can only have one moveable or stationary directional light. Everything else point lights and spot lights must be static regardless of how many there are.

Thank you :slight_smile: