My Game's Development

Now, I’m going to be honest in this post. And I would appreciate constructive criticism. I have spent about 2 years learning game dev, learning about storytelling, and character design. Up until this point, I’ve only recently begun to understand “detail”. Which explains why the characters I’m showing you here literally just colors along with primitive environments…
Anyway, I have four games I’ve made and shared online. Two gameplay games, and two presentation games providing information about the characters and the elemental Orbs that are sort of the main objects of the first stories I’ve ever set up for these characters and the world. In these games I’ve used many unreliable methods to get the gameplay to work, so they are buggy sadly, especially the second gamplay one. So, the games I’ve created really don’t live up to my idea of what it’s supposed to represent. Having worked on this particular idea for almost 8 years now I only spent the last 2 years actually putting it into game form. Not to mention the fact that most of those years I didn’t know what I was doing when it came to story, character development, art style, central focus, preliminary design, color, game engine limitations, 3d modeling, animation, coding, level designing, ALL OF THAT ****. But in the past 6 months I’ve gotten into it all, now I have experience and practice. I’ve made so many mistakes in those years, especially when it came to starting off in game dev. The games I’ve created don’t sum up my current level at all. By the way, everything you see in this forum post is just the things I made in the past months. I’m actually working on the two characters’ new designs (same formula, just new shoes, gloves, and head, with actual textured skin and stuff). But I’m putting out this post to give you guys some games to play, and to give you an insight on what this idea is all about in terms of what the characters represent, the desired gameplay, the world building plan, and the main concept of the game. And may I say, it is DEEP. Now I am only one person. With an old partner who isn’t really involved with the game part of things. So, when I say deep, I mean the game idea is all about spiritual exploration, stylish and colorful action, focus on characters (each new character is very specific in what they represent, their meaning, and what they can do in terms of action), space concepts, colorful yet serious design, and interconnections. I don’t have all of that written out yet, since I am kind of revamping this idea, but I will update when necessary.I hope you guys play the games and let me know what you would like to see. Critiquing the characters themselves is not gonna be surprising because I know, they’re terrible. But I am working on much more detailed and better-looking cleaner models. Game links below

FIRST GAME https Game Jolt - Games for the love of it
SECOND GAME Game Jolt - Games for the love of it
GALLERY GAME Game Jolt - Games for the love of it
CHARACTER ARK Game Jolt - Games for the love of it
the charcac

pics of old art