My game runs my device so hot!! Is there a way to limit the devices processing?

Hey everyone,

Like the topic title says, the majority of the unreal games I run on my devices (galaxy note 4 and galaxy s7) run it incredibly hot.

I’m curious if I could limit the processing at the expense of a lower frame rate? I’d rather have my game run at 30 fps than have the phone melt in my hands :0.

If it could be a toggleable option, even better!

Or is this something I need to do on the devices OS side?

Thanks in advance,


I’ve found that the more graphic intensive processes you have in your game, the hotter the battery gets.

Try using mainly unlit materials.
Don’t use a dynamic light, make it static.
Look at Shader Complexity and make sure it’s as dark red as possible. If you see pink/white, that is really bad, especially on a mobile.
How many particles are you using? Are they unlit?
How much are you rendering? Are your draw calls really high?

I struggled to keep my game running at 60fps because my phone kept overheating (S6) and dropping down to 50-45 until I did the above. Also, make sure you’re testing in Shipping and not in test. You can’t bring up your FPS counter, but you can usually tell if it drops below 60. This runs without any of the debugging features and generally runs faster.

ccp talked a lot about this with gunjack at a conference in california last year

basically strive to make your game as lean as possible

Thanks for the input, guys!