My game is extremely laggy.

Why do I get such poor performance in-game. I get 60 fps in the
editor, but that’s only because I turned down scalability. In The packaged game I get 30 fps or less. Here is a picture of my map. Its just a bunch of trees. I wanted to have a forest.

The game will revert to higher settings on start. You need to add some graphics options to the game or change the defaults on load.

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ok thanks, but is there anything else I can do to get better performance. Because I am only getting 60 to 50 when turning down graphics to high, I don’t want to turn them down anymore than that. So Is there some optimizations that I could use to get better performance?

Limit any tick events.
Go into all actors and their components and if they don’t need tick turn it off for the actor and its parts (on by default).

If you can replace tick events with timer events of possible.

Optimization has many layers.
Check your drawcall count use unitgraph to see where your bottleneck is (gpu bound, cpu bound, game logic)

Material complexity also can impact performance. Use the debug view to see which texture is too taxing. F5 in editor viewport.

Masked materials are cheaper than translucent. If you can get away with it switch to masked.

Also if you are using casts to check actors then maybe look into implementing interfaces for actors where needed (cheaper performance-wise)