My future

I am finishing school in few months. I want to go to high school. I do not know what type of studies I should choose. Which one will be the best? I do not want to have boring work. My dream is having a creative job. Like making games or something like this that it is not standard for normal people. What should I choose for study? And beyond studies which programming languages I should learn on my own to have a good start? I was thinking about making websites like this one too but no have idea what will be better. Thanks for the reply.

What is a “normal people”?!
I’ve never seen one.

What is “boring work”, or “creative job”?

A job is a job, making games is very very far from the fun people have playing them. It’s still a job… hard, complex and tiring job where most ‘professionals’ quit after 4 or 5 years when they realize they are underpaid and losing health quickly.

Btw, I used to dream of becoming a comics artist when I was a kid… Because I thought it was creative, fun and special, apart from “normal” jobs. Nope… 2 years later I quit that space when I became legally “adult” at age 18 ^^

What I mean above is…
Research a lot. Be realistic, but at same time aligned to what you feel you can’t live without. Assume nothing beyond the fact you know nothing yet; email every developer you know of and ask them about their personal stories.

And, read this:

Since you don’t have to apply for courses to use content creation software and make things, why not play around with different tools for a bit, and play some games and think about what aspects of them you’d like to work on the most?

If you aren’t sure yet of what you’d like to work on, why don’t you think about it for a bit while trying out different stuff, until something clicks with you? That way, once you know what you want to accomplish with your efforts you’ll be able to sign up for the courses that will focus on the skill that you’ll need. You might save time and money, that way.

If you say where you are from it will help, as there are multiple options depending on your location

I don’t think there are any places that can teach VFX/3D in Russia. Im only thinking of a eLearning course of such things

Yeah just try udemy or YouTube. I learned from YouTube much more than I learned from my college. I would say paying to learn 3D is a huge time waste