My function "Get Relative Transform" in the unreal engine 4 is missing input/output?

I started using the tutorial for an endless runner game on Unreal’s YouTube channel yesterday and the first video went fine and everything worked correctly. However when I was working on the third video, I ran into a problem with the blueprints. In the video, the man creates a function to set spawn points and drags out the three arrays (previously created in tutorial). He then drags out the blue dot and searches for the function “get relative transform,” which he brings to the flow chart and is able to connect the spawn points to the arrays. In my blueprints, my Get Relative Transform is different: its missing the input, output, and it is the color green while the man’s is blue. I’ve searched and I cannot find the proper function so I’m lost as how to continue. Does anyone know why mine is green or why I do not have the blue one? Thanks for your help!

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I ran into the same problem today and would love some assistance as well. I’m using v4.8.0 and I’m currently installing v4.7.6 to see if it’s any different, I’ll let you know what I find. While searching v4.8.0’s release notes I found this:

“Fixed USceneComponent::GetRelativeTransform to be const,”

Official documentation shows GetRelativeTransform it as lacking the “execution pins”: Get Relative Transform | Unreal Engine Documentation

At this point I’m guessing you can complete this tutorial using v4.7.6, but it would be great to learn how to redo this with v4.8.0. Hopefully some blueprint wizards post some clues. Thanks!

My smart friend helped me out–it should look like this in v.4.8.0:

So instead of running connections between all of the execution pins on the GetRelativeTransform nodes, simply connect to the Set node.

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Just as further explanation

These green nodes without Exec input or output pins (white ones) are called pure functions.

You can create them by setting the pure option to true in your custom functions. It seems Unreal, since 4.7.x, has been using pure nodes for every GET function.

I find it really useful, as I have less clutter on my Blueprint graphs with many GET nodes and it’s also much easier to change their order/position without having to reorganize a lot of Exec pins.

Yeah it works fine in v4.6.7, but I could never figure out how to work it in v4.8.

Ah I see! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

How did you make the Set of Spawn Points in orange?

promote to var

How can I choose the Set Spawn Points?