My friend and I, are having a issue please help!?

My friend and I, are having a issue, The buttons are set to highlight/change colors when the mouse is hovering over them. They do that, but only when I hover over the bottom of the screen and not over the buttons anyone please help us!?

Do they all get the hover effect at the same time when you hover over a particular location or is it just like the actual button hit location is 500px below what it should be?

Its just one at a time, not all at once

I might be wrong but I think this issue has come up before . Mouse over events inside widget blueprints affect the whole widget. So basically if you’re mouse goes anywhere inside the widget it will call the mouse over effect . Hopefully this will be addressed and changed by epic.

I think the solution people have been using is to create a border around you’re button set it’s alpha transparency to 0 then it will be invisible. This way you can have mouse over events for each border for each button .