My friend and I are aaaaaalmost done with our game!

I welcome you all to check out the awesome action-platformer “metroid-vania” Kalashnikov, coming out soon in 2015.

Just go to and from there you can check out our company and our games.

You can see some of my personal work on the game and other game work at

You can pre-order the game now for only $10, or make a donation. Either can be done from the Iron Fist website.

I promise you guys this game is worth the money and is a lot of fun. There’s a ton of heart and love put into it, as it really is by gamers for gamers. We hope you join us by playing Kalashnikov, due out soon in 2015.

Also be sure to like the facebook pages at:

Action-platformer Kalashnikov available for pre-purchase at:

Also coming soon from Iron Fist Games, a high speed futuristic racer - Intergalatic! Pre-order now at: