My fortnite is broke

So after patch 3.4 my game has been broken every time i load up fortnite its laggy like hell and i cant alt tab without my pc almost blue screening and when i get to the battle royale screen my character doesnt load in the logo / emblem at the top left doesnt load the item store and normal store for vbucks dont load it takes ages to load content ( as a side note today the content loaded pretty quickly after i updated the game to the shopping carts and it went from no building no trees no rocks or anything like that loading in just my pickaxe and a weird mesh like houses to my character loading in and im able to dance and see other player models but houses and stuff are meshy ) and on save the world i cant craft i cant shoot i cant get on my hoverboard or build (last i checked as 3.4 the port a fort update) hopefully i can get some help this has been happening for 1-2 months now and i really wanna play fortnite

Hi there,

This website is intended for UE4 developers to get technical assistance with game development, please direct all Fortnite issues/questions to one of the following.

If you are experiencing issues with Fortnite such as crashes or account issues please visit [Fortnite Help][1]. There you will find various troubleshooting articles that will help you fix your issue. If you are still unable to resolve your issue please use the [Contact Us][2] form to get in touch with the Epic support staff who can assist you further. Be sure to include as much information as you can regarding your issue so support staff can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

For any general questions or help with Fortnite gameplay please visit the [Fortnite Forums][3].

Thank you