My "ForEachLoop" don't work! [HELP]


I don’t know what’s happen, but my version of UE4 just break!
First, i tried to packing my project and he just say me many error, Critical error and just unknown error, and i try to move my project on clean project, it’s working but save system not working anymore, when i try ty get all actor of class and use ForEachLoop just do nothing, signal going to ForEachLoop and… That’s it, nothing.

Need to remember, one day ago everything was fine!

P.S: I create a new project, and try to create that again, but same result!

I am don’t stupid, of course i try to get print spring, all working, but before ForEachLoop, print string don’t write message, and yes, i get actor on scene. He chaising me, all working.

I guse Reinstallation UE4 help me, this test project working but, i am not shure, i try do this on my real project, and write her!

Yes it’s a bug, and onli what can help you, it’s a reinstallation!

do you have any actors of the specified type in the scene? whats the length of the array? if you connect a print string to the for each loop does it print anything?

i wasn’t implying that you were stupid, sometimes when people migrate to a new project they forget to add things into the scene, we’ve all done it so its best to try the basic things first. for the print strings its a bit hard to understand what your saying (i understand english probably isnt your native language im not trying to give you a hard time on this) where exactly does the script fail? judging from what i can tell it seems your having an issue just after the foreach loop. if the loop isnt functioning correctly then the most likely cause is the get all actors of class, check its length to make sure that its greater than zero. also try putting a print string off the completed pin as this will fire even when the array is empty.

is this a single player game? if it is then there are a few things that you could do to simplify and clean up this script. for example if you are only storing the players transform then you could use the get player character node instead of the get all actors of class and for each loop. also instead of getting the location rotation and scale3d and making a transform you could instead just get the transform of the player so you use less nodes to do the same thing and it also makes things cleaner looking. as a last note you dont really need the cast to thesavegame as your variable seems to be of that type already.

Thank for try ty help me! I with Russia, and… Yes, English that’s not my favorite languish.
I found answer, wrote below.


We’ve recently made a switch to a new bug reporting method using a more structured form. Please visit the link below for more details and report the issue using the new Bug Submission Form. Feel free to continue to use this thread for community discussion around the issue.