My first VR game - Fly Destroyer

Hello everyone!

I’d like to share some pics and information on my first game in VR

Name: Fly Destroyer

It is a kind of simulator where you have to kill flies.
The game is rather simple but to make everything work was not such simple especially hands and interaction with ther envirenment because as I said it’s the first time I made something in VR.

To destroy flies you sould use your hands, fists, the swatter and the fly spray.
Each kill gives you a certain amount of points. Yes, there is a leaderboard and you can become № 1.:wink:

The game is rather fun and dynamic.

The game was released at Oculus Store - 27 Sept
And soon it’ll be available at Steam- 27 Oct

You can see some of gameplay in the trailer video. In future updates I’d plan to add some more weapon and probably more dangerous enemies :slight_smile:

Hope you’ll like the game.
I’ll be great to hear your feedback!:rolleyes: