My first Virtual Museum mixing photogrammetry and Unreal Engine 4

Hello, everyone I am very glad to participate in this forum and introduce my first try with Unreal Engine 4 and Photogrammetric objects. My project consist on building our National Museum on 3D and make an app to visit it from mobile tablet and pc because I think we have a lot of history to tell the world. I found really interesting mixing game engines with archeology and using Photogrammetry to make more attractive this thing for new generations and at the same time this is a very good way to digitalizes archeology.
Please leave your comments and also I am open even for collaboration and ideas.

Nice stuff, which programm are you using?

I currently use Agisofts photoscan :smiley:

also me :slight_smile: I use Agisoft I think is the best one because it doesn’t need necessary to calibrate your lens.

Thats true :smiley:

Have fun scanning!

Nice. The lighting, shine and bloom is very distracting though, might want to tone it down a bit.

Yes its true will try to get better lighting I see that its a little shiny.

Thanks, and I will publish two other objects made with photogrammetry they are one byzantine church and one other a characteristic house from a city named Berat.

Nice work Hell-o, although there may be a bit too many lights. Would need a pair of shades before walking through that museum. =P