My first Unreal Engine 4 cinimatic flythrough

Just a simple short flythrough of the Temple level camera paths made by me! Finally figured out how to use the mantinee tool for cinimatic videos like that. can’t wait to use it more!

Very good, can you please share your project with source code.

I think that is one of the sample projects, in the marketplace somewhere or on the site

It’s the Level design workflow content example you’re looking for.

I know that is sample map in Marketplace, but author of this thread created camera movement with Matinee Editor at this level.

the level is just the Mobile Temple i just did a fly through of :-).

pffwwww ! this UE4 thing is incredibly beautifull !

I am considering using it even for archviz animations :slight_smile:

Fantastic! The potential of the UE4 is awesome!
Very good this scenario is extremely realistic.

Yeah i think even with that simple demo included it really shows off the power of what it could do for architecture concepts, given the fact that it works with the Oculus Rift even more so :-). Since im not a modeler currently as a project im working to try to import builds from Minecraft (as there are 3d exporters) into Unreal :-).

Can you post about how you got the camera to play back with screen grabs of your blueprint. I was banging my head against it last night, and unfortunately I don’t have internet at home right now to do proper research (currently about to move, so everything at home is in disarray). It would be much appreciated. I was trying to set up a test level (I don’t have any of the regular content again because of my limited net access atm) and start using the cinematic tools, but it wasn’t clear cut on how I was supposed to get my animated camera to take over the screen, I have a Matinee setup, but when I go to render it just starts the view from the player start location, and nothing animates. At least in Kismet I could set it up so that things play without too much issue, but the nodes to do that don’t seem to exist in Blueprint the same way that they do in Kismet.


Hey Bookman,

Take a look at this video tut Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Create a Cutscene - YouTube

Its very similar to how you setup matinee in UDK/UE3 except you use a timeline instead of a matinee action now. Hope this helps.


I actually did figure it out last night on my second go around. I had forgotten to add a Director track! (yup forehead smack on desk! :slight_smile:

now my problem is that it’s dropping the main material on my object (which admittedly isn’t a game asset but one of my lower poly models from about 10 years ago, so it’s kinda wonky and around 60k tri’s so not an ideal test bead, but most of my models are in the 1million poly range because of my TV VFX background and was not built in Max or Maya but converted over).

I’ll be doing a search at some point to look into this, my initial Google search came up negative for results, I’d post it here, but I don’t want to hijack the thread. :smiley:

Hey this is really cool! I do mainly architecture movies and stills and I have the oculus dev kit so will definitely look into this for my work
Getting it to work properly on unity was too much of a pain, hopefully this will work for us…