My first UE4's project

Dear all,

I’m a brand newbie with UE and here is my first project done during the CGMA’s Vegetation workshop.
Off course, still a lot has to be done… I think that my vegetation is not diverse enough and I’d like to add some displacement for the ground, blend materials between them, add a worldPosition moss layer on top of the rocks, add some wind and have a better lighting ! :slight_smile:

Comments are welcome.

This looks very nice already :slight_smile: a moss layer on top would look good indeed. You could also try out a fog layer on the floor, and a distance fog that changes color based upon distance.

Looking forward to see more of it. :slight_smile:

Hi Gojira,

Thanks for your comments. I tried several kinds of moss layer on the top… but it doesn’t look good from far when tiling! Too repetitive and flat for now :slight_smile:
I saw that some artists prefer to use 2X2m tiles as the main ground with a separate landscape to have better control of the scale and displacement. I’ll do some tests with displacement this week.

For the Lighting, I have a pretty standard set up I guess with a Directional light, a SkyLight, an AtmosphericFog, an ExponentialHeightFog, a LightmassImportanceVolume, a SphereReflectionCapture and a PostProcessVolume.
The Fog density from the ExponentialHeightFog is really low (0.02) and the Fallof at 0.2. Almost all by default except the Volumetric scattering distribution is at 0.5…

Cheers and happy new year! :wink:

Wow that looks awesome, you say it’s your first project in UE, what did you use before?

Hey man send me an mp or a email :smiley: would like to ask you a few things :stuck_out_tongue: