My first UE4 android game with admob in playstore

My name is Leandro im from Argentina Buenos aires and i like to share with you guys my game made by one person only.

Im not a programmer but i managed the situation learning a lot from this forum and the engine templates youtube videos etc…

i started playing with the actionrpg template for learning tests but finally i made this game from zero.

its called WOM
you can try it here its free

please make a google playstore review and let me know what you think about my work!

thank you!!

Hello Leandro,
I tried your game and I think it needs to be much improved.
However you have recreated an evocative atmosphere, I suggest you improve:
Menu: also minimal but important
Controls: maybe with a custom interface.
Info: it is not clear what to do and what can be done in the game.
View: character too far away.
Camera collisions: no good at all when camera enter in the ground.
Audio: ok for footsetp but I feel the lack of music or the effects of the environment.
Size: optimize your content, the size is really too big

Ultimately I have to tell you that the type of game you have chosen to develop is not the most requested in the stores, if you want to make significant numbers I suggest you bet on simpler and less ambitious games.

Said this I’m asking you some questions:
what version of unreal did you use to generate the build?
Have you had any problems with the sdk 26 target?if yes, how did you solve it?
Finally, for AdMob did you use the default blueprint nodes or some external plugins?

Thanks and sorry for my English