My first tutorial on new Blog. How 2 import Sketchup models easily into Unreal/Unity

I’ll put the text here also. I’m not sure if the images will show up though, but you don’t need them, I just put 2 images to show 2 models i imported.
Quickly and Easily Import Sketchup Models into Unity or Unreal
Alot of users have been having problems importing models from sketchup into these 2 programs. With this quick and easy method, you can do this in ONE step, even for models taken from the google warehouse!! This pretty much an unlimited number of models.

1)After your model is ready for export from sketchup, whether it is your own, or from Google’s 3D Warehouse, export the file in the fbx format including the materials and textures in the settings.
2)In unity create a folder in the project section. In Unreal create a folder on the right side under the content browser.
3)Open the folder where your sketchup model and its textures are. Make sure the model and the textures are in the SAME folder. Sometimes sketchup will put the model in a folder higher in the folder hierarchy. So, if needed, copy and paste the model into the material/textures location.
4)Highlight all the files and drag them into the folder you created in step 2 above.
note: make sure when importing in Unreal, to check the boxes that say include textures/materials when you click advanced in the import window.
5)Voila!!! Thats it. Now you have a beautful model to work with !!!
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Images below of 2 that took me just a minute to import: