My First Test About Architecture

Hey all. This is my first work about architecture designs. I had a few problem about mirrors, so don’t look at mirros :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks nearly perfect! The only thing that I would improve are the reflections in the mirror + the black frame above the mirror :slight_smile:

Thanks for advices! I’m working on it. I’ll update the photos :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good! I thought the mirror was a window initially. =P

Is the cove light geometry with an emitter material? Or a ue4 point light source?

I had used an emitter material.

Updated # Other test :slight_smile:

Looking great man with every push, would you mind letting me know how you approached your carpet and fabric on the sofas?

Sofas: M_AssetPlatform
Carpet from Realistic Rendering :slight_smile:

## updated ##