My First Solo Game whilst Studying Game Design at University, Feedback Appreciated!

I’ve been studying Game Design at University for one year so far, this project was for a module called ‘Level Design’ in which I have to submit a complete game from start to finish.

Re-living’ is a story based walking sim, with puzzle elements. The story is based on the main character ‘Re-living’ the same day, over and over again. Your job is to find out why.

It’s quite short however I spent a lot of time working on it for my Assignment at University and I wanted to also share it with you guys! It’s not perfect by any means but all feedback would be much appreciated, positive or constructive criticism so I can improve in the future!

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to play it.

P.S All voice acting is recorded by me so please excuse that lol…

Looks cool for your first game.

Thank you so much, let my know if you get a chance to try it:)