My First Scene

Hey Guys

What you think about my first scene in Unreal 4? All buildings and boxes are made using only BSP brushes. Only props in the scene are those 2 signs, paper and the air vent from the Modular Building pack. Next thing in my list is to make holes for windows and add some dirt and water to ground. Could you give me some feedback, please!

It’s a good start. Where is the light coming from though?

Thanks. Well I tried to mimic the lens flare from the sun but in this render it came from wrong angle. This is just a pic from perspective window. It would look better in gameplay.

Check out some reference pictures for alley ways - for some inspiration for phase 2.

Great start :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yeah, those reference pictures you linked will be my goal in final product, I hope atleast. Now I’ve making graffite, water pubble and dirt decals to my walls and ground but I have problems with decals since they are so light in the scene. I’ve read that Unreal 4 has some problems of showing decals so I need to find a way to fix it.

I’ve read from many places where people say that don’t use BSP brushes and with those you can only do basic ****. Well here is what I created in less than 1 hour. And for your knowledge, I’m not an artist/3d modeller in any way so BSP brushes is fine for me. Easy to use and modify, easy to add multiple textures to same mesh ect. So why people say that BSP brushes sucks?

All what you see in the picture is made with using only BSP. Only the sign is from Modular Building pack.

BSP’s just aren’t as performant as meshes are - it’s not really a matter of opinion as it is a fact. That being said, BSP’s can still have uses, and you’ve done a good job here. The specularity / roughness of the bricks is a bit much - I imagine they’d eat a bit more light than they reflect. Some atmospheric and height fog would be nice, too. A skylight set to a low intensity would bring out some detail on the top left corner without sacrificing the shadows you’re working with.