My first scene ever :)

im new to UE4 and always has the passion to create my own game one day :slight_smile: compared to stuff i’ve been seen here its complete rubbish i know that but it really feels good to actually do something i’ve been dreaming of for so long! one step forward to create horror game :smiley:

as a new to this engine, do you guys have any tips ? i’ve been trying to learn modeling which was a total failure and right now learning the blueprints (awesome for non-programmers as far as i can see).

it is “ok” to buy models from marketplace and use them ? it wont show any sign of slacking project just because i cant create my own models and animations ?

(btw used the basics props and sci-fi highway sample)

Unless it specifically states you can’t in the discription if you buy something from the Market Place you can use it as long as you don’t say “oh ya this is mine” and take credit for there work. As for advice…little more light it’s a bit to dark but it’s a good start.

even in professional game making studios the people are divided into groups… modelers can’t program, level designers couldn’t write a good story if their life depended on it, etc (just an example)… do what you need to do, get what you need to get, and build your game… but… don’t forget to have fun :slight_smile: