My first ROG ...

Picked up my first ROG today heh! :slight_smile:

This is step up from an Intel HD3000 video card … that is why I look so happy here :slight_smile:

…Literally… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope it turns out to be worth filming compared to my experiences with Asus ROG.
Maybe you can update the thread in 3/6 months and let everyone know… Good luck!

Oh oh … Oh dear God I just dropped $1900 on this laptop please dont scare me like this :slight_smile:

I had problems with Asus in the past too - it’s their motherboards that are wonky. When I tried to get help with the problem (constant hard crashes that caused rebooting), I discovered they had no technical support at all, not a single person employed to assist - and that the warranty amazingly didn’t cover it as every motherboard of that model had the same issue. The issue was to do with how the graphics adapter was handled and I ended up having to use some dodgy third party BIOS written by an enthusiast to stop it from crashing.

Absolutely ****ing unacceptable, IMHO. Will never touch an Asus product again.

I own a ROG laptop too (see signature) and Im really happy with it. Runs UE4 wery vell. Congratulations with your laptop :slight_smile:

Had the same problem btw… Where did you find that bios fix can I ask?

Can you share the model number please? It’d be good to know…
Heard good things about MSI and would have liked to change PC.
Unfortunately Asus are still the only high-performance option in my area.

So far so good.
Even my old programs like Adobe Master collection CS3 runs just fine on it.
U4 seems fine.
No problems yet except little annoying issues like the power adapter cord that is too short.
But heck … if you really wanna find something to complain about I guess it is possible :slight_smile:
Windows 10 is great.
Fast, no issues.
I opt out of all most of the data sharing options.
I watched a few You Tube tutorials on how to turn things off and get rid of all the bloat ware.
Then I put my favourite anti virus protection on it:

A special mention here … After having the free version of Avast on my older machine for
about 9 months Bitdefender found one Trojan script and 6 harmful cookies on my system.
So it kicked Avast’s little a __ :slight_smile:

I am actually still working on my old laptop since I am on a visual effects job that pays right now and its just
less hassle to stick to the old machine for now.
All my Unreal 4 work I will do on the new machine of course.
I did install U4.11 and my game project seems to run fine in it.
Unreal asked me to make a copy of the existing project file so that in case there are problems in version 11 then the
original stays protected.

I tested one of my heavier maps. Lots of dense fog.
I played the level in the viewer with engine specs set at “Epic” (which it chose itself by default by the way when I installed 11)
I pan the camera around in the viewer, the fans dont even turn on and the machine doesn’t even feel it.
You know when you move your mouse cursor over your clean desktop - how fast the cursor is …?
That is how responsive the panning around in the viewer is.
Pretty amazing.
And that is at Epic settings. :slight_smile:
Also its a very heavy map with nothing optimized yet.

Only hassle is I have to bring all my textures and reference files in from my other machine because my Unreal
project still needs to look at that when I do a build.
That is about 200 GB of data I will have to move over, not going to be fun :slight_smile:

But yeah … no crashes or weird errors.
Not so far anyways.

I think computers are pretty much just like cars. Sometimes you just get a bad “print”
I dont really know what I am talking about since I am not a hardware tech but I kinda sense that.
I have been on an Asus U56E for 5 years now.
The entire keyboard is almost faded out that how much its been used.
Its been working day and night, almost like a Google server.
Heavy rendering to the point where I really thought is was going to catch on fire.
But … only casualty in 5 years is the hard drive and that I had replaced at a computer recycling place for $200.
1 Year with the new used hard drive and no signs of this machine blowing up yet.
I cant believe its still working actually.
So my choice of purchase was mostly based on this experience.
I haven’t done much on the new machine yet … so I wont start saying how amazing it is … not too much anyways but first
impressions pretty good … we will see :slight_smile:

IIRC, the motherboard was the P7P55D Pro - I was actually e-mailed the BIOS by someone else.

wow, thanks for the info everyone.
I currently have 2 towers; one uses a supermicro server, the other 4g oil cooled rig uses msi. Now I feel better!!!

Okay, nobody is answering my other post, so out of desperation after 3 days I have to ask; is there a serious problem with UR4.14 not loading for people? I uninstalled and reinstalled it, and still it fails to launch. Can I get an earlier version? Says "Failed to read about 100 times with things like "[2016.11.29-17.32.37:605] 0]LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file ‘…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Messaging/MessagingDebugger/Content/GroupBorder.png’ error.
[2016.11.29-17.32.37:605] 0]LogSlateD3D: Could not find file for Slate resource: …/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Messaging/MessagingDebugger/Content/GroupBorder.png
[2016.11.29-17.32.37:605] 0]LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file ‘…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Messaging/MessagingDebugger/Content/GroupBorder.png’ error.
[2016.11.29-17.32.37:605] 0]LogSlateD3D: Could not find file for Slate resource: …/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Messaging/MessagingDebugger/Content/GroupBorder.png
[2016.11.29-17.32.37:605] 0]LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file ‘…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Messaging/MessagingDebugger/Content/icon_tab_Breakpoints_16x.png’ error.
[2016.11.29-17.32.37:605] 0]LogSlateD3D: Could not find file for Slate resource: …/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Messaging/MessagingDebugger/Content/icon_tab_Breakpoints_16x.png
[2016.11.29-17.32.37:605] 0]LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file ‘…/…/…/Engine/Plugins/Messaging/MessagingDebugger/Content/icon_tab_EndpointDetails_16x.png’ error.
" and so on…

Oh boy … is my ROG crashing these days.
Critical system errors.
3 in one day.
Boots up into some kinda weird Aptio app that looks like it controls the BIOS.
Cant get out of it.
If I leave the computer unplugged it boots right back up again.

Does this sound familiar? :slight_smile:

This started only 4 days ago.
Before then it was working hard and flawlessly.

I did a boot scan and found corrupted TAR files that’s all.
No infections.
Using Avast.