My first project - Bad Lighting and Shadows

Hi, i’m currently making my first architectural project and this is my current result:

The model lightmap is set to 2048

Lightmass Settings:
Static Lighting Level Scale - .5
Num Indirect Lighting Bounces - 100
Indirect Lighting Quality - 10
Indirect Lighting Smoothness 1

**Cubemap - EpicCourtyard
Intensity - 3

**Directional Light:
**Intensity - 10
Dynamic Indirect Lighting - ON

PostProcess Settings:
Indirect Lighting Intensity - 0.2

No INI edits.

I have Lightmass importance volume and Lightmass portals:

So, in the first image corners seems have some AO.
The second image have just bad shadows and i can’t identify the problem.
In the third image shadows are imprecise.

Can the model be the problem?

Any suggestion will be appreciated

Is that whole building one mesh? As in is it using a single lightmap?

Another thing to check is the light building quality, is it set to preview?

Thanks for your reply Steve_T. Yes it is a single mesh but the ceiling. The quality is set to production

Did you set the lightmap resolution for the mesh, and exported the mesh with a second UV maps? In rendering tab has a field to set the lightmap resolution.

You need to split it up into more pieces, if it has a lot of surface area then you can’t get as good of a result with a high resolution lightmap. Also make sure that no meshes are extending beyond each other. Beyond that you can try increasing the lightmass quality.

Yeah i would split the mesh into a few pieces, then you can have a separate lightmap for them and overall the quality will be better.

hi, what program are you using for model?