My first project Archviz in Unreal Engine


I would like to share with you my first project Archviz in Unreal Engine

I’m interesting in receiving all your comments.

I hope you like it

Looks great!

I think the one that needs the most improvement here is the pool water. Maybe you can check out other projects in the marketplace and study how they do it.

thanks for you opinion.

Could you tell me what you see wrong?

The pool water has many configurations in the material, I will try to change some values.

I would have to agree with the water. It is very hard to see. There is alot of free content that you can use for different water materials.


Thank you for your opinion. Virtual Tour

so first of all, my compliments. It looks good and I really like it. However, I have two small points of criticism.
These are my subjective points which I consider worthy of improvement and which I have noticed:

  • The window frames are too metallic, too reflective,
  • the water in the pool doesn’t seem natural, I think it’s too transparent and the waves are too small and too many.

así que antes que nada, mis felicitaciones. Se ve bien y me gusta mucho. Sin embargo, tengo dos pequeños puntos de crítica.
Estos son mis puntos subjetivos que considero dignos de mejora y que he observado:

  • Los marcos de las ventanas son demasiado metálicos, demasiado reflectantes,
  • el agua de la piscina no parece natural, creo que es demasiado transparente y las olas son demasiado pequeñas y demasiadas.