My First Person Shooter template project: Questions


I have been working on FPS games in UE4 for almost a year now and people frequently ask me how I do things like recoil and loadout in my game. I already started to upload tutorials, however they only show a very simplicified version of a fraction of the game functionalities and that’s why I thought a lot of people would appreciate a template project of a modern first person shooter.
(My “old” project

I purchased and animated a weapon pack from the unreal marketplace for my old project and wanted to include it in the template project so people can actually see if and how the game is working.

Now my question is:

  • Is it possible to upload this project containing the mentioned weapon pack from the marketplace and automatically pay the publisher the prize of his pack for every sold item? In the business terms it says that you may not modify content and reupload it as such, but I think this is a different situation as in my opinion the original distributor wouldn’t have a disadvantage from this.

Thank you!

I don’t think you can do that, unless you were given the rights to do so by the original creator. But if it is just for template, there are a free weapons you could use at places like blendswap and turbosquid.

I want to use this exact weapon pack because firstly it contains very professional models which people could actually use when releasing their game and secondly I already animated almost all of the weapons in this pack.
It would be very helpful if Epic could support this with the aggreement of the original publisher, maybe so that customers cannot buy this template unless they own the weapon pack?

You can’t sell other people’s stuff. Just use free weapons.

I don’t want to use free weapons as I stated above, also because it might not always to possible republish them. However, now I think it is a better idea to include placeholder meshes, which people could easily replace with the meshes from the weapons pack. In order to make the process of implementing the original weapon pack as easy as possible it would be neccessary that I include the skeletons from the weapons, since they are referenced by the item classes and hold all animation assets.

Would it be possible to release my project including the original skeletons? I mean skeletons are really not usable alone but are made for specific meshes. If it is possible with the permission of the original distributor, how can I contact an unreal seller privately? I don’t find an option for that on the marketplace.

You may want to leave a comment at their product on the marketplace.

How goes the progress of putting in default placeholder weapons?