My first person character floats mid air.

Hi, I’m very new to Unreal & I’m trying to do a simple FPS prototype.

I created a blank project at first, and then I imported all the assets I need. And then I created a first person game mode with simple controls. But for some reason, my character floats mid-air. I think it has something to do with the collision but I can’t figure it out.

Character floating:

Collisions overview:

If I place my playerstart in a smaller room, it places me here and I can’t move:

If you need any more info to provide let me know.
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Are you sure using Character class? It seams you’ve selected Pawn with FloatingPawnMovement as Default Pawn in your GameMode instead of Character.

You can look at the FPS Shooter by Epic as an example.

I went back and made sure. I used a very simple character blueprint that uses the default input mappings. It seems that’s not the problem :confused:
Character Blueprint

That’s good. Have you tried opening empty level with just a plane? That would help to understand is it some problem with a character or level instead.

If you imported your environment as a single static mesh, your character will be blocked by the combined collision, thus won’t be able to move. If the player start is placed outside the scene, then player will be floating around, blocked from entering, or walking above/below the scene. If it is placed inside, player will be locked.

The best practice is to split this complex scene into separated pieces, create complex collision (or custom collision in Blender, Maya) for each one of them, and assemble your scene, piece by piece. To do that, during importing dialog of the single mesh, choose ‘static mesh’ option and uncheck ‘combine meshes’. That will split the scene into several static meshes. Also, the easiest way to assemble your scene with split parts is to create a blueprint actor and add all meshes in the scene root. Everything will be put in place, as long as you kept all transformation values in your DCC software before exporting to UE.

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I created a new level, and the FPS character works fine. It seems it has something to do with the collision. I will create a new level and start re-importing mesh by mesh and go from there. Thanks for your help!

Except for putting all assets into one blueprint, I went back and made sure and it seems I did everything else correctly. I imported every asset by itself, and all the import options were like you said. I wish I added the first-person game mode first before adding the assets. I’m going to create a new level and add the 1st person game mode first then redo all the steps from there. Thanks so much for your help! :slight_smile:

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Glad it helps. If you see fit, search for tutorials about creating static mesh collisions.

Keep up the good work.

How To Enable Collisions In Unreal Engine | UE Tip #1 - YouTube

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