My first mini commercial project with UE4

Hey all, I recently completed my first UE4 based arch vis project for a client.

Video goes up to 2160p (4K) 60 FPS if your internet can handle it :wink:

I can’t seem to upload images here properly, but I have a website with a gallery of the project: [/0/"])

Still plenty of room for improvement, but quite happy with how it turned out.

nice stuff! Wish UE4 had better reflections on translucent materials (windows).

Yeah tell me about it, I wish there were a better solution.

They seemed to have improved in 4.8 tho. SSR on translucent materials. Have you made that video in a prior ue4 version?

Yeah I made it in 4.7.6, I’ll see what 4.8 looks like - thanks for the tip!

Good job ! …and thanks for the feedback so far on my own issues. Did that model come over from Vectorworks?

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Yes, it came from Vectorworks! Same client as the graduation project, same workflow.

So cool! Love it when devs match up the music to the vibe and atmosphere of the scene. Great job. Wonder if there is a way to get subtle movement in your billboard people. I mean just a head tilt or eye movement or hand movement, not huge movement, just something small. That’d be awesome.